Extracto De Placenta – Chinfield – 20ml


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Weight 275 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm


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Biological stimulant of metabolism and organic defenses for horses.

Because of its components, the EXTRACTO DEPLACENTA CHINFIELD stimulates powerfully all biological mechanisms of HORSES and places it in the best of physical conditions. The EXTRACTO DE PLACENTA is carefully elaborated with placentas of animals clinically and serologically healthy, with a technique which preserves molecular integrity and pharmacological activity of its essential principles at the same time that it gets total protection, which avoids the possibility of allergic reactions or of hypersensitization.

As a rejuvenator of old animals or with physical or metabolic deficiencies. As a stimulant of physical recuperation and of milky secretion in female animals having recently given birth. To regulate the process linked to the genital sphere in young females. To avoid cryptorchidism (testicle retention) in young males.

Destination Species: Sport equines non-destined to human food consumption.

Dose: 10 to 20 ml. daily in a series of 6 injections according to age, weight, and animal state. In just recuperated equines a support treatment may be done with a monthly dose according to the indication of the veterinary doctor. VERY DEEP IN INJECTION. Treatment may be repeated each time it is necessary, due to the
animal does not get accustomed.

Formula: Proteolysed of the injectable placenta (1:1) (proteolyzed fluid extract), formulation agents q.s


  • Bottle of 20ml
  • Pack with 5 ampoule bottles x 20 ml.

 The sales unit is a 20 ml bottle, not the boxthe product photo shows a box and each box contains 5 bottles, each bottle with a content of 20 ml.


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