Horse joints supplements for sale to minimize stiffness

No racehorse can break records with arthritis, osteoarthrosis, and other painful joint conditions. If you’re here because one of your favorites has faced some of these issues, rest assured that we can deliver the best joint medicine for horses.

Our vets have carefully chosen injectable remedies with high efficiency and minimum side effects to help your racers move like they’re young again. With Pferdehandlung-Dederich on your side, aging, inflammation, and past injuries won’t hold your equine back from winning new titles!

Order joint supplements for horses

Joints are the Achilles’ heel of a racehorse’s physique. Serving as the bridge between bones and cartilage, they are responsible for your equine’s speedy tempo. Horses can gallop fast as long as synovial fluid keeps their joints lubricated.

However, as horses age or sustain injuries, their joints wear and tear. Changes in synovial fluid decrease lubrication, while cartilage inflammation often results in chronic pain and diminishing stamina. To combat these issues, racehorse breeders can turn to our store for equine joint injections. They help slow down cartilage-damaging enzymes and enhance the quality of synovial fluid.

Not every joint supplement for horses actually works. The good news is that we offer only lab-tested injections, including:

  • Artrivet Forte 
  • Artroglycan
  • Osteoproduvet
  • Horse-Flex
  • And other products

Pre-tested ingredients that work are the secret of a phenomenally effective joint supplement for horses that keeps your racing partner at their peak. For their extended well-being and your convenience, we ship veils from 5 to 25 ml without quantity restrictions.

Please note that the recommended dosage varies based on the equine’s condition. Injections for joint maintenance and severe inflammations are never the same, so always follow the prescription or seek our professional advice.

Why choose us

At Pferdehandlung-Dederich, we put your stallion’s well-being above anything else. That’s why we go the extra mile to assist you in selecting and buying horse joint health supplements 24/7. Our payment and shipping options are also tailored for equestrians worldwide, ensuring your medicine arrives safe and sound within 1-2 days.

But a quick response and seamless delivery would be worth nothing without top-notch equine remedies. Injections that really keep arthritis symptoms at bay make us the go-to online shop for horse joint supplements in and outside Germany. You can combine them with daily wellness support to witness your horse’s success on the racetrack even after long-lasting injuries.