Immune-boosting horse vitamins & supplements

If a vet has prescribed your horse multivitamins or you have decided to give them just in case, you seek quality supplements, right? To make sure you’re doing what’s best for your four-legged champion, opting for injectable horse vitamins at Pferdehandlung-Dederich is a win-win solution for both the animal’s health and your own peace of mind.

These products can do wonders for horses that need an extra shot of energy. We want your racer to take on the world, so we only have natural and potent supplements at our equine vitamins store. With our express delivery and caring attitude, you’ll easily keep your four-hoofed friend healthy and ready to win.

Multivitamins for horses for various purposes

Have you noticed that your racing horses left their balanced feed untouched? Do they look weaker and less active? They probably lack water-soluble/fat-soluble vitamins, phosphate, and calcium. To fill these nutritional gaps, pick the right multivitamins and have them delivered to your stable in no time.

Always choose tested injectable horse vitamins for sale that have proven their well-being improvement effects. Our inventory includes Fosfaton, Furo C, RPM, DXC, and other effective micronutrient sources. Shop them in unlimited quantities whenever you need to:

  • Boost the horse’s immune system to shield your animal from diseases and infections
  • Amp up energy levels, which are a must-have for competitions
  • Keep joints and muscles in perfect condition
  • Tackle issues like muscle fatigue, fertility dips, and edema
  • Speed up the post-injury recovery processes

You can also order horse vitamins and supplements to complete your animal’s diet. These injections are totally safe when mixed with the specified substances and used as prescribed. If you hesitate about the dosage, contact your vet or ask the Pferdehandlung-Dederich team for advice.

Fighting hypovitaminosis has never been easier

Like humans, racehorses rely on vitamins to keep going. Invest in your equine’s well-being today and watch them grab medals throughout the season. To make this dream real, browse Pferdehandlung-Dederich to buy horse vitamins and mineral supplements. You can stock veils for one racer or the entire stable – we’ll fulfill any order.

Tell us what micronutrients your equine needs, and we’ll send them the next day. You can shop vitamins for racing horses without breaks and weekends and place your order in a jiffy. Whether you are in Germany or anywhere else, we can ship multiple securely packaged vials per order.