This is a compilation of questions that I receive daily:

Out of season: the recuperators and developers of muscles, reaction, speed, etc.
In season: non-detectable stimulants, oxygenators and pain reliever

Always: protections, multivitamins, etc.

Pferdehandlung-dederich.com accepts various mediums of payments which includes; Bitcoin and T/T Bank Transfer, to give customers the flexibility to easily purchase products from our website. Below is a listed guide on how to pay

How To Pay With Bitcoin

  • Select the bitcoin option after filling the checkout form
  • Click the Pay With Bitcoin Button
  • Scan the code given to you which indicates your exact order
  • And you will have 15 minutes given to you to pay with bitcoin

How To Pay Through Other Payment Plans

  • Once you choose any other payment plan apart from Bitcoins, you will receive a mail written specifically to direct you on how to purchase with the payment plan of your choice

Exactly now, we are totally unknown on the other side of the world .. why are you going to trust?
My advice: ask questions, get guarantees or references from us. Find out in the suppliers laboratories and especially at the beginning I always recommend that you buy little and test the working mechanism.

Be careful with the fakes, scammers and imitators of our website.

Trust is built over time. don´t give away your time and money with anyone on the internet..

I recommend that your veterinary doctor advise you about it.
You can not use products without proper advice or advice.

It´s preferable to spend money on a good professional to advise you, than a fortune in strange miraculous products that make you win a Race.
Becausev a “misused” product is the same as throwing money away.

An animal is a complex organism, it´s not a machine that works with chemical products … and if it did, nothing guarantees that the same product stops working or causes more damage than improvements in the future.

Having done that introduction, We can tell you that is what we think is better in our professional experience in the areas mainly used for race to obtain better sports performance (which is the same as nothing if the product is misused):

The prices are uploaded on the website. If you see them too expensive, let us know! We can give you a discount coupon.

We have discounts policies according to the amounts of your purchase.

We also have special lists for big quantities from the USA, or Mexico, or Brazil, for purchases / exports, subject to our agreements with laboratories and distributors from other countries.

We do ship worldwide, though the regulation and implementation in respect to some of the products we sell often vary from country to country. We therefore advise you to make inquiries about the regulations that affect your region.